Artist Lords Of The Sound: poster of concerts 2021


Lords of the Sound

The Lords of the Sound Symphony Orchestra, Wikipedia informs us, is a group in Kiev that, in a minimal time period, conquered everyone with how professional it is, what charm and charisma it has. And not only our big country was able to appreciate it. How and when did it all start?

In 2014, the guys were organized by the producer of the group Andreev, who collaborated with Vitaly Sarazhinsky, the conductor. The orchestra really wanted to perform collectives of contemporary composers, to show themselves in various directions, taking into account the film industry. In addition, then no other orchestra could provide anything like this, so popularity came to the collective instantly.

The Lords of the Sound team, which the audience who came to the concert, liked to listen to, is called this way, since this name definitely attracts everyone, as it is consonant with the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". The participants felt responsible in front of the audience, while thinking about how they would develop creatively in the near future.

The debut performance in front of the public took place in 2014 on the 23rd of April. It happened in the Kiev House of Artists. The program, which they presented that day, lifted them to the popularity pedestal, fully capturing the hearts of fans.

The hall was literally overflowing with exclamations that Let's go to Bis. For 20 minutes, everyone did not stop applauding, the orchestra simply could not leave the stage. The guys will forever remember this day, and they consider it the orchestra's birthday.

After a while, the participants organize touring tours in Ukrainian cities and abroad.

They are invited to festivals, on city days, and offered to participate in joint projects with leading Ukrainian stars. Since the Lords of the Sound soloists wanted the audience to love them, the group for 1 year was able to perform compositions at the most popular venues in the country.

The orchestra consists of young talented young participants who have previously passed the selection, which has proven that they can be part of such a cool European team.

To date, the children's repertoire includes more than 250 works by composers differing in styles and directions. Children songs, rock hits, classical and jazz compositions were added to the already boring programs. Performers on an ongoing basis want viewers to remain more and more satisfied, because this is so motivating to do more and better.

The group grew extremely quickly, not only the musicians developed, but also their show programs, productions, and so on. For the future, the orchestra wants to enter the Ukrainian tour and visit those European cities where they have not yet been.

In addition, they are going to present a dance show from the 80s and 90s.

They have plenty of ideas, and the musicians will definitely bring them to life, no matter how hard they have to achieve what they want. The orchestra will be glad to see every talented person in the role of another member of the group.